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Dreamers visit Mexico as part of second USMF co-funded Delegation

Rebeca Vargas, President & CEO, U.S.-Mexico Foundation, Ambassador Reyna Torres, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, and José Manuel Romero Coello, Director, Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud, welcomed the group of 22 young Dreamers  who visited Mexico for a week in order to participate in a series of academic and cultural activities to deepen their ties with Mexico. This group of young leaders was selected for their active participation in promoting significant changes in the United States in favor of migrant families.

On July 13, 2015, government officials, distinguished guests and members of the media gathered in the offices of the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) in Mexico City to welcome 22 visiting Dreamers who formed part of the delegation organized by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation and the SRE. The Delegation was comprised of young Dreamer activists and leaders from across the United States, selected for their commitment to working on key issues affecting immigrants in that country. The 7 day delegation was designed to reconnect these young leaders of Mexican descent with their country of origin, deepen their understanding of the country's current social, political and economic context and to promote new ties of cooperation and solidarity between the two countries.

USMF CEO Rebeca Vargas welcomes the visiting Dreamers during the reception at the SRE.

Ana Aguayo (Dreamer), Rebeca Vargas (USMF), Karla Pérez (USMF), and Guadalupe Pimentel (Dreamer)

 DACA Dreamers and “Los Otros" Dreamers (returned Dreamers) enriching dialogue in Tlatelolco

Dreamers visiting Mexico City's downtown

During their week long stay, the visitng Delegation visited local universities to engage with Mexican students as well as important Mexican corporations to learn about business in the country. The young leaders had the opportunity to participate in the Regional Conference on Migration, and as part of it, held roundtable discussions with returned Dreamers to discuss the similarities and differences of the challenges they face and to share their strategies for overcoming them. As one visiting Dreamer put it, "the most important part of my visit was meeting returned Dreamers." Finally, the Delegation participants were able to explore Mexico City's cultural and historical landmarks and to immerse themselves in the life, food, colors and culture of a country that many of them do not remember.

The USMF is commited to continue funding and organizaing delegations of Dreamers such as this one as part of its mission to develop greater cooperation, understanding and solidarity between the two countries and to support Dreamer population's leadership development and empowerment on both sides of the border. Dreamers, both in Mexico and the United States, represent a key group with bilingual, bicultural and binational backgrounds that has an enormous potential to act as a bridge connecting the two countries. As one visiting Dreamer put it, "I would like to work on how to change immigration policies and to meet young people who are in Mexico and who share this interest," while another added, " I feel we can do a lot to help this country, Mexico." Through Dreamer delegations such as this one, the USMF is fostering the creation of networks of civic leaders connecting across borders and committed to having a binational impact on the key issues facing our two nations. 


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