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Aulas sin Frontera

A visiting Enseña por México PEM and Teach for America Corps member teach a class together in Dallas, TX... learn more

Dreamers without Borders

Dreamer Without Borders... learn more

Education Transformation Fund

Students at a KIPP inspired school in Mexico... learn more

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Support the Mexican American Leadership Initiative (MALI)

The Mexican-American Leadership Initiative seeks to promote ways in which Mexican Americans may facilitate more significant engagement between the United States and Mexico to address the challenges shared by these two countries. A first step is to JOIN MALI – gain access to this distinct group of top level leaders from throughout the U.S. and help us develop strategic bi-national partnerships and exchanges.


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About the USMF

The U.S.-Mexico Foundation is dedicated to strengthening education and civic engagement for the people of Mexico and to developing greater understanding, cooperation and solidarity between the United States and Mexico. The USMF's works encompasses grant giving in Mexico, operating impactful binational programs and raising awareness about key issues affecting both countries by promoting constructive dialogue on both sides of the border.