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A visiting Enseña por México PEM and Teach for America Corps member teach a class together in Dallas, TX

Aula sin Fronteras

Following a succesful USMF funded pilot in 2014, the "Aula sin Fronteras" program was launched at an event in Mexico City's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March 2015. This USMF sponsored professional exchange program brings togehter Teach for America and Enseña por México Corps members, allowing them to visit each other's classrooms to share best practices and learn about each other's cultures.

• 106 PEMs  were placed in TFA schools in 7 US cities: : Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio, Durham and Los Angeles for 1 week periods

• 24 Teach for America Corps members were placed in Mexican public schools in the states of Puebla, Monterrey and Guanajuato, where Enseña por México operates,for 1 week periods

• Participants share best practices on teaching and school administration and gain work skills from a unique international professional experience and improvement of English language and cultural appreciation

• Program promotes long term connections between young leaders who will be in the capacity of influencing systemic change


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Aula sin Fronteras

“I was fortunate enough  to meet  teachers who really motivate students through feedback and engagement...students felt rewarded upon seeing that they were in fact learning concepts.  I witnessed a relationship of mutual respect and friendship between the students and teachers, while the teacher at the same time maintained authority and leadership in the class. I observed students from kindergarten through 8th grade, all very different and yet very similar.  I learned that in spite of different contexts, they all have something in common – they appreciate the teacher’s work, his knowledge, the way in which the teacher challenges them and yet makes easy what seems difficult, and shows them how to apply it in their lives.”– Nelly Lara

“This experience provoked more thoughts on how to address the inefficiency in education on a macro scale...I learned that my TFA counterpart and I shared many objectives and strategies. One of my favorite moments was when the class of 12 and 13 year olds asked me about my culture for an hour, about the way that my students see the world and the challenges that they face.  I can’t imagine a more fitting example of ‘classrooms without borders’.  If I had to define those days in one lesson, I would say that I must improve the academic rigor in my class without forgetting that the best way to shape people’s lives is through honesty and affection.  Thanks to all who made this experience possible, I really hope that others have this opportunity in the future." --Emilia Orozco

“Extraordinary! Is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about my time in the schools that Iwas able to visit in Dallas, Texas. The ExM-TFA Exchange has been an incredible learning platform for me.  It was wonderful to meet the students, teachers, and communities and their way of life.  I was fascinated watching the quality of day to day work and the passion of the teachers who are making a brighter future for their students.  I have seen first-hand the commitment that is found in the entireeducational system:  to achieve quality education for every student. It is inspiring to know that in Mexico we have the same mission and that we are working exceptionally to achieve it.  This experience has also been enormously meaningful on a personal and professional level.  I have brought back to Mexico new lessons and aspirations in order to successfully continue my mission of motivating and shaping talented youth and sending them from the classroom into the world.  I will treasure the memories of the people I met as a source of inspiration and generosity.   I am forever grateful for this invaluable opportunity, which will help me become a more capable professional as I continue to face the challenge of building a Mexico full of the opportunities that we all desire.” --Miguel Pérez 

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