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The collected funds will be used efficiently to support rebuilding efforts in small communities in Puebla, Morelos, Oaxaca, Chiapas or Estado de México where sadly the help has not arrived yet.... (more)

Mujeres en STEM, Futuras Líderes

“Mujeres en STEM, Futuras líderes” es un programa de mentoria, en áreas de Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas (STEM por sus siglas en Ingles), para jóvenes estudiantes de preparatoria de escuelas públicas. El objetivo del programa es expandir los horizontes de las jóvenes participantes, empoderándolas y acercándolas al mundo de las ciencias para encaminarlas a que estudien una carrera universitaria relacionada con alguna de estas áreas.... (more)

Dreamers without Borders

“Dreamers without Borders” is a binational education and service learning study abroad program designed and implemented by the USMF with the goal of reconnecting Dreamers, Mexican- Americans and U.S. Citizens with Mexican origin who live in the United States...... (more)

1,000 Dreamers-1,000 Leaders

Launching in early 2016, the "1,000 Dreamers-1,000 Leaders" program is a new and unique initiative to develop the leadership skills and employability potential of college student DREAMers in the U.S. and Mexico through personalized one-on-one mentorship ... (more)


You can make your donation through Credit Card, Debit Card & PayPal.... (more)

Education Transformation Fund

The USMF's Education Transformation Fund supports innovative and catalytic initiatives to strengthen education and civic engagement in Mexico. Since its inception, the fund has provided over 2.3 million USD to 48 organizations, impacting 156,000 students and 3,000 teachers in 420 schools across the country.... (more)

Aulas sin Frontera

The USMF sponsors the "Aulas sin Frontera" professsional exchange program between young teachers from Mexico and the United States, allowing them to visit each other's classrooms to share best practices and learn about each other's cultures... (more)

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