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Participants in the USMF-SRE Dreamer Delegation at the reception hosted by the SRE to welcome them to Mexico


The U.S.-Mexico Foundation’s “Dreamers Without Borders” is an educational and service learning program that seeks to reconnect DACA Dreamers of Mexican origin who live in the United States with their country of origin, for the purpose of contributing to their empowerment and professional development.

The program is designed and implemented by the U.S-Mexico Foundation (USMF) in collaboration with UCLA, the Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC), the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME), and the governments of the states of Jalisco, Puebla, Guerrero, Estado de Mexico, Michoacán, and Guanajuato. Through this public-private partnership, the USMF and its partners, are able to provide participants with a truly unique and memorable educational experience.

All program participants will perform a research project as part of their visit to Mexico. USMF and UCLA will later publish the findings from this research project. All program participants will also participate in a service learning program, managed by the USMF in collaboration with the TEC, through which the Dreamers will provide English mentoring to students from Monterrey TEC’s scholarship program for students from low-income backgrounds.

The Dreamers Without Borders 2016 Delegation with students from the ITESM

Dreamers Without Borders 2016

Dreamers Without Borders’ 2016 agenda includes a stay in Mexico City followed by a stay in the participant’s state of origin.  During their stay in Mexico, participants will attend seminars and gatherings with renowned professors from the ITAM, CIDE and TEC among other universities, and will meet with government officials, business executives and civic leaders.  Similarly, participants will also meet with Mexican students, representatives from Mexican NGOs and returned Dreamers.  Additionally, participants will visit the Mexican senate and transnational corporations.

L: Participants at Teotihuacán
R: Participants meeting executives from the Grupo Bimbo corporation

The 2016 delegation of Dreamers Without Borders, follows the two successful delegations implemented by the USMF in 2015 and represents a historical event because it’s the largest cohort of Dreamers that has ever visited Mexico. 100 Dreamers were selected from among the more than 600 applications received. All 100 selected participants are either college students or recent college graduates from across the united states and universities such as University of Chicago, UCLA Berkley and several community colleges. The selected Dreamers are scheduled to travel to Mexico City on Wednesday December 7th, 2016 and they will return to the US on January 3th, 2017.

WATCH: Participants from the Jalisco cohort share their stories:


WATCH: Video on the program by paricipant Eduardo López-Navarro


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Dreamers Without Borders 2015

The DACA Dreamer Delegations program began in 2015 as a series of partnerships between the USMF and academic and governmental partners on both sides of the border to bring delegations of DACA recipients of Mexican origin to visit their home country, a place many of them had not visited since their childhood. The program serves to strengthen identity and a sense of belonging amongst the Dreamer population in the United States, deepen this group's understanding of their country of origin and to build new bridges of understanding and cooperation between the two countries by leveraging the potential of this young binational group on both sides of the border.



Strenghtening Identity

The DACA Dreamers Delegations program provides an opportunity for Dreamers of Mexican origin to enhance their sense of identity and pride in their heritage by exploring their country of origin first-hand, in many cases, for the first time since leaving. Delegation participants visit important historical and cultural landmarks and many have the opportunity to reconnect with family in Mexico that they have not seen in years.

“For me the best part was reconnecting with my grandpa who I had not seen since I moved back to the US, 15 years ago. That, and finding out I have a sister I never knew about that, and meeting her for the first time in my life. The emotional aspect is really there, it is really touching.”--CSULB Dreamer Delegation participant

“Today we welcome 14 Dreamers to Mexico, hoping that their visit allows them to discover and love this country, Mexico, which is theirs as well."--Rebeca Vargas, USMF CEO welcoming the CSULB Dreamer Delegation


Developing a deeper understanding of Mexico

Visiting Dreamers conduct coursework on Mexico's current social, political and economic landscape both before and during their visit, to develop a better understanding of the country's context. During their visit, the participants further enhance their knowledge about the country through visits, dialogues and seminars with business, government and civic leaders in Mexico.

"I want to learn more about Mexico"--SRE-USMF Dreamer Delegation participant

"I want to know what the youth is doing here in Mexico"--SRE-USMF Dreamer Delegation participant


Connecting Dreamers across borders

As part of the Delegation program, visiting Dreamers meet with returned Dreamers who now live in Mexico, offering the two groups the unique opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences of the challenges they face in both countries and to share their strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

"I would like to work on how to change immigration policies and to meet young people who are in Mexico and who share this interest"--SRE-USMF Dreamer Delegation participant

"The most important part of my visit was meeting returned Dreamers"--SRE-USMF Dreamer Delegation participant


Building Bridges of Understanding and Cooperation

The bilingual, bicultural and binational profile of the Dreamers visiting Mexico as part of the DACA Dreamer Delegation program holds an enormous potential for the relationship between our two countries. This population, finally able to visit their country of origin freely, can and are building new bridges of understanding and cooperation between their two homes.

"I feel we can do a lot to help this country (Mexico)"--SRE-USMF Dreamer Delegation participant

"We are from here, and from there, we are a bicultural product"--SRE-USMF Dreamer Delegation participant

Dreamers from the July Delegation visit the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City

Visiting Dreamers from the July Delegation engage in a roundtable discussion with returned Dreamers 


July Dreamer Delegation

  • 22 Dreamers from across the United States, including activists and community organizers
  • Visited Mexico from July 12th to July 19th, 2015
  • Attended Reception hosted by SRE, participated in the Regional Conference on Migration, visited Mexican corporations, met with university students, held a roundtable discussion with returned Dreamers, visited cultural and historic landmarks such as the Zocalo and the Basilica of Guadalupe
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Visiting Dreamers from March Delegation reconnect with family members in Mexico

The March Dreamer Delegation

March Delegation

  • 14 Dreamers from California State University-Long Beach's California-Mexico Studies Center
  • Visited Mexico from March 26th to April 5th, 2015
  • Attended the International Seminar on Returned Migrants and Children of Migrants born in the US, met with returned Dreamers, visited the Mexican Senate and met with Senators, took an immersive Spanish language course and visited cultural and historical landmarks in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Morelos
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Past Events:

Dreamers visit Mexico as part of second USMF co-funded Delegation

US Dreamers reconnect with Mexico through USMF sponsored exchange program


For more information on future delegations please contact Leticia Lopez at llopez@usmexicofound.org



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