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Within the context of the four Dreamers Without Borders delegation to Mexico, a U.S. Mexico Foundation initiative, the USMF started the second year of the USMF English Language Mentoring Program. This program seeks to promote the learning of English among Mexican youth from low-income backgrounds, and secondly, foster a better understanding of Mexican culture among the U.S. citizens with Mexican origin and DACA Dreamers. 

In the first year of the program, the Dreamers Without Borders participated with students from the Tecnológico de Monterey. In the second year, Mexican students from the Inroads de México Foundation also joined the program.


Dreamers Without Borders participants with Inroads de México Foundation students

Dreamers Without Borders participants with Tecnológico de Monterey students


Si vives en México y estás interesado en mejorar tu nivel de inglés o quieres saber más información sobre el programa da clic aquí:

If you live in Mexico and are interested in improving your English or want more information about the program, click below:

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